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  1. If you are a College or Training Organisation I can provide variable hours training on site or at your client's premises. I could possibly cover for staff sickness or leave.
  2. If you are an individual or organisation seeking training I can offer the following:
  • 18th Edition
  • PAT
  • Test & Inspect
  • Bespoke - Training to fit your needs

Bespoke electrical training is tailor-made for organisations seeking specialist training.

Example: A local company provided and maintained water cooler/dispensers for offices and factories. They were very proficient at they did and operated to the highest standards (I didn’t realise how often these things needed servicing to avoid contamination). However, they were having to hire an electrician for every new install when all that was needed was a connection to be made to an existing fused spur. These costs were adding up so they approached me for help. The solution was really quite simple; I provided a one-day course for their engineers in Safe Isolation so they were able to check if a supply was “Live” or “Dead” and trained them in how to make connections to a fused spur along with general good practice and safe working techniques. I carried out a simple written and practical test to prove that training had taken place and competence in that task had been achieved. A certificate of Training and Competence was issued to all attendees so compliance with the Electricity At Work Regulations has been achieved. The Cooler company were satisfied that good practice was being maintained and customers could be assured that EAWR was been complied with. 

I have provided similar courses for many other companies such as Air Conditioning and Roller Door installers.

Alternatively, you may be considering multi-skilling or re-training staff that you need help with.

As I work closely with several training providers the courses I offer are all certificated or documentary proof of training is issued.


As above, I can help with in-house Training/Re-Training and changes in working practice.

Do you have a site-wide Electrical Policy? How do you prove compliance with the Electricity at Work Regulations? I can draft an entire policy for you.

Do you have an inventory of all your plant? - Boilers, Calorifiers, Pressure Vessels, Lifting Gear? I could do that for you.

Do you need a Planned Preventative Maintenance System putting in place? How often do you clear out the Kitchen grease trap, clear gutters or test Escape Lighting? I have done this many times.

Do you have a Disaster Recovery Plan? If your insurance company doesn't demand it, your MD would certainly appreciate it.

Needs Analysis - Do you actually need all the plant and systems you have?

Do you have a policy to reduce your electricity consumption?

Do you need to set up a temporary facility or organise a move?

Is your company going for ISO 9000/9001? Production may be completely documented and quality checked - but inspectors will want to speak with Maintenance/Facilities too. If you don't have all the above there could be a problem.

In short, if you have any Facilities/Organisational requirements I can help.


Job Planning and Design.

Project Management.

Site Management.

Test and Inspection.

Electrical Surveys (Domestic/Commercial/Industrial)


Circuit tracing and identification.

Price checking.

Special Projects.


If you can't see anything here that you are looking for please don't be afraid to ask, it may be that I have overlooked something. But I am always ready for a challenge.

Furthermore, if I can't help, I bet I know someone who can.

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