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Blog for December

Hello to all my multi-wotsit, multi-doodah chums.

First off, let’s have a rant, so put the kettle on and have a cuppa and chocolate hob-nob while you let me splutter away like colonel blimp.

I don’t know when the TV advertisers became the guardians of our morals and how we should fit into society or if its just a sign of them doing too much acid back in the 70’s coupled with upper-class guilt.

Lets face it’ these TV land advert families look nothing like the majority of families in the UK and that is all of the same type, whether they be Asian, Caucasian or what.

Blog for November

Ok Folks, so here we are at the end of November.

Well I didn’t go very far this month apart from more gardening, which mostly consisted of picking up leaves and fence fixing.

Never one to look a gift horse in the mouth though, I have now completely updated my training material for PAT 5 (COPISITEE) and am completely ready to go with this. I have already published a brief summary of the changes on my Ted Barrett Services Facebook page.

I must say I was surprised how quickly the examining body updated their exams so I couldn’t afford to hang about anyway.

Blog for October

Ok Folks, so here we are at the end of October.

Halloween has been and gone, thank God. I hate to be a spoilsport, hold on a minute, no I don’t.

Anyway, I don’t really like this American import, but I wouldn’t want to take the fun away from the kids. I suppose its safer than Bonfire Night but a part of me will always miss the bonfire, fireworks, sparklers and potatoes in their jackets.

So where has Ted been this month? Well, I started off at Witney (Oxfordshire) and then went on to Lymington, Camberley, Exeter and Truro (and just in case you're wondering, I do go home between assignments as well!

Blog for September

Greetings folks, it’s the end of September so time to see where Ted has been and what he’s got to say about this month. In fact it’s a belter, so put the kettle on and make a cup of tea, put your feet up and slip away into my world for a short while.

And I know I’ve said it before but any old friends, please, please don’t be afraid to get in touch, I would love to hear from you (and I really don’t care what your spelling or grammar is like, I’m not that hot myself).

This month, I have been to Lymington, Lyndhurst, Twickenham and Witney delivering training courses.

Blog for August

Well spank my rear and call me Charlie, that’s August done and dusted. Now only 15 Saturdays to Christmas!
And at the risk of repeating myself, wasn’t it bloody hot for a week or so! I am so glad we have an AC unit in the bedroom. And related to that is an important tip if you are booking your holidays online (we got such a good deal on the internet blah blah blah). Make sure that bargain room you booked in Italy has got air con otherwise you will melt.
Training jobs are coming in slowly with some being cancelled, I reckon this area will be very touch and go for a while until confidence is restored.

Blog for July

Greetings pop-pickers, well that was another super-charged month wasn’t it! Had my big fat birthday and numerous friends’ as well. No weddings but a funeral on the last day of the month.

I think by now a lot of us have recognised that 2020 was the year to write off. Whoever would have thought that as we dreamt about the future where we were all wearing silver suits and in flying cars that the frigging Chinese would bring the world to its knees with an escaped bio-weapon?

However, it is in my character not to look on the bleak side but try to find the silk purse out of the wotsit…

Blog for June

Well that’s June done and dusted then.

I resisted the urge to run “Skyclad” round Stonehenge at sunrise on the summer solstice for the longest day, nevertheless the days will gradually reduce now until the shortest day on December the 21st. 

It seems that we are beginning to come out of isolation now but its not over yet, I’m sure that random infections or waves of infections will bounce around for a while yet. Lets keep everything crossed.

As discussed in previous blogs, I’m fed up with so-called protesters and with a media system that feels it has a duty to whip up civil unrest.

Blog for May

Well howdy doody folks,

I hope you are all well, these are dangerous times we live through.

So that’s May done and dusted and completes about ten weeks of self-isolation now. Consequentially, our house and garden are now in tip-top condition. The bloody Chinese have made sure that I have caught up with all the jobs I have been putting off for a long time. I have even finished patching up our drive. All that remains is for me to send my invoice to the Bio-Weapons Research Establishment , Wuhan. PS: Put some proper Control Measures in place next time guys.

Blog for April

These are strange days aren’t they? it seems like we are living through some sort of science fiction film like “The Andromeda Strain”. And when you add in the whole world (or pretty much) being locked down as well it gets even more weird. I think most people can now see why we have been so concerned about biological warfare.

So far, I have lost two uncles and a cousin to this wretched disease. It gets scary when it gets close to home like that.

I’d like to know if “Extinction Rebellion” will be flying out to China to stage demonstrations and demand that the Chinese keep their disgusting diseases to themselves?

Blog for March

Well, what a month that has been!

I was busy in Witney training for a couple of weeks and then had three days in Banbury for a company that is developing electric vehicles for Royal Mail, UPS and Police etc. Also did a bit of AM2 prep for a client.

However, like most in the UK now we are locked-down and are self-isolating. My wife has only got one lung and I had pneumonia a few years ago so we are both high risk.

Our next door neighbours have been very good to us in picking up food etc and our kids and partners too.
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