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Blog for February

Greetings pop-pickers, it’s the end February so its time to see where Ted has been and what he’s got to rant about this month.

Now I did mention in my December blog that I wouldn’t be posting for January, this was because my CO and I were cruising round South America and the Caribbean. Some people may say “Galivanting” but I’m never too sure about that word, it seems to imply being on horseback for some reason or other.

So, this month (and not including my holiday locations such as Barbados and St Vincent etc), I have had training gigs in Okehampton, Taunton, Norwich, Cambridge and Witney (on my doorstep).

Blog for December

Well Howdy-doody folks, I always think the blog for December is a bit of a let-down. We have had the fun of the build-up to Christmas, we have been through Christmas itself and New Year. We then enter the doldrums.

But not Mrs Barret’s boy! I won’t be posting a blog for January so you will have to read February’s blog to find out what I got up to (Ooh matron!) so stay tuned.

However this month, I rationed myself to just a couple of assignments, three days in Ebbw Vale and two days in Dawlish. Whilst in Dawlish I was staying in a “Hotel” where I was the only resident, not even any staff.

Blog for November

Well, there you go.

Another month has rolled by and we are now within kicking distance of Christmas. As we get into the festive season the round of dinners and gatherings will lead us through the month. Our first Christmas dinner takes place on the 6th, so it won’t be long before we are spitting feathers.

So where have I been this month? well; Bath, Lydney, Verwood (New Forest), Oxford, Caerphilly and Bristol to mention a few.

When I look at the news these days I can’t help but feel a sense of revulsion when seeing a constant diet of bloody protesters.

Blog for October

Greetings party people, its the end of October so time to see where Ted has been and what he's got to pontificate about this month.

First off, any old friends, please, please don’t be afraid to get in touch. I don’t want to sound too pessimistic but really, time is running out.

This month, I have been to Tipton, Hemel Hempstead, Witney, Shoreditch (London) and Oxford.

I love to see the trees changing colour at this time of year, as I’m driving around the colours are really beautiful. Its just such a shame that it means we are heading towards winter.

Blog for September

Okay Folks, here we are at the end of September. Bloody hell, how flime ties! (said Professor Spooner – I’m sure he often considered Friar Tuck as an interesting opener). But If you live in Oxford, as Professor Spooner did and like what I do, we have a special relationship with September – St Gile’s Fair. This is a street fair right in the heart of Oxford that actually paralyses the city for two whole days. Always a Monday and a Tuesday. This year (2019) it took place on the 8 and 9 of September.

Blog for August

Okay Folks it’s the end of the month or thereabouts so buckle up and prepare to enter my fascinating, if wacky, world for at least a short time.

This month, I have been to Witney, Sidcup, Greenwich, Swanley, Poole, Portsmouth, Bilbao, Santander, Toroella de Montgri and Estartit (for a spot of R&R with my CO).

However, in early August I spent a considerable chunk of time training a trainer. Which might sound a bit daft but sometimes, just as with sparkies on site, guys may have a shedload of experience but lack the bit of paper to prove it, so sometimes I get called upon to assist in this process.

Blog for July

Well hello chums, we are now 7/12ths of the way through 2019.

5/12ths until Santa squeezes his fat white rear-end down several million chimneys.

But have no fear, he’ll be back. I just hope you will have been good all year.

If you are in the trade, that means not issuing C1’s and C2’s where not appropriate on inspection reports. Remember this is a service to the public, and a C1 or C2 means an “Unsatisfactory” so let’s be sensible about this. For example, I have seen a C1 attributed to an installation for asbestos in a fuseholder.

Blog for June

Ok Folks here we go again (wasn’t that Archie Belle and the Drelles or something like that?)

Anyway, its funky, its weird, its off the wall, its Teddy Barrett’s Blog – The June Edition.

So where have I been this month? For the first two weeks back in Spain. Santa Susanna to be precise. We like Santa Susanna because it isn’t too tourist-like and enjoys great weather. We will either drive down through France to get there or take the ferry to Bilbao and drive across Spain (about 450 miles).

I’ve heard some people say it can take them 24 hours to “decompress” when arriving at their holiday destination before they can relax.

Blog for May

Ok Chums, time to buckle up, put the kettle on and sit back for a relaxing read of my blog.

My adventures this month have taken me to Witney (Oxfordshire), Welwyn Garden City, Hereford, Grantham, Brackley and Birmingham.

Been further developing my 18th Edition course material and really pleased with the content now. I know some trainers like to give their students tons of past papers to work through but I’m not that keen on this method as I think this is just training to answer those particular questions and not gaining a proper understanding of how to use the book.

Blog for April

Ok Folks, here we are now at the end of April. If you have read my article “When a Young(ish) man’s thought turn to” on Linkedin, you will know where I’ve been spending my money lately, ooh and of course about my links to the mafia.

Speaking of the mafia (la cosa nostra) and crime reminds me that quite a large part of my working life was taken up with security systems working for Royal Mail and Securicor. It probably goes without saying that this was a very exciting business to be involved with in the 1970’s.
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